October 23, 2017

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October 23, 2017

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February 17, 2017

 With the inevitable stretch in the evening there comes the inevitable stretch in the grass - the daffodils are coming in and so its that lawn! You groan.. No sooner is winter coming to a close than your all ready looking forward to the last cut of the season. Not only is it time to look forward to those fun filled hours walking up and down and emptying bags of grass it's also time to think about lawnmower maintenance!​​

Like everything in life, especially mechanical items buried in a shed for the winter, things that have been long neglected require a little TLC. A good lawnmower should last. It's a work horse, be it push, be it self propelled, be it ride on it will give you its very best if you give it some attention. Servicing and maintaining your lawnmower isn't solely for the mechanically minded, and nor should it be prohibitively expensive. For the most part it can be done yourself.

One of the main culprits towards your mowers demise is obviously grass! Not the fresh green stuff growing up but that dried on green mulch that clings to every

nook and cranny! Grass clippings are like cholesterol to the heart.. it builds up and hardens, clogging up self propelled shafts, collection ports, height adjustment mechanisms.. and all the while causing rust!! Remember the wife's shock at the price of that new lawnmower a year or two ago? the one with all that steel? The one you've been meaning to clean but is now rusting away unseen under the remnants of dead lawn?











The first step to good maintenance - clean your mower after mowing! hose pipe, brush, WD40 and a rag. 


Second step- Decide if you have the heart or time to give your lawnmower the annual service is deserves.


Third step - Venture proud and bravely to do it yourself and reap the satisfaction, you'll find plenty of how-to guides online and on youtube for all manner of makes and models.... or..... ask us here at LittleJobs.ie to do it for you!  


Prices starting from €50 collected and dropped off...


There's lots of little jobs around the house that are best tackled around this time of the year so why not see how Littlejobs.ie can help.

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