October 23, 2017

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October 23, 2017

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New Year Wedding Bells!!

January 8, 2018

So 2018 is racing along.. Ive never been a big fan of New Years celebrations or resolutions that I'll only forget or fail to achieve but this years its a little different.... this year sees a HUGE change - im getting married!!  Many of my clients will know our story but for those curious as to why im taking the next month and half off work this should explain :)



I returned home to Ireland from almost seven years in England. The end of one life and the start of the new. I had no job lined up and no idea where my new life would lead but with savings in the bank and a sense of fresh air I had plenty of time to figure it out... not that I've ever truly figured anything in life! Of the paths I've taken its fair to say for the most part i've stumbled through bushes - but contently so!


anyway.. a single man of my age often finds himself in the company of those married, engaged or in long-term relationships and for a man useless with women there can be little opportunity of finding a partner by traditional means - less so when he's also unfussed yet fussy. But an effort had to be made and so a profile on a dating website was born. .....and neglected! 

Very quickly I realised that most the women I messaged turned out to be bait for 'live' webcam shows or were otherwise busy chasing young lads in tight gym shirts. Months went by with little to no interest and with very few users local to me I had resigned my search to neglect... until one morning.


I don't recall the time, only that it was early morning and my phone was beside my pillow. I had gone looking for love but it tuned out it was love who found me.... not that I recognised it. At almost 5000 miles away it was curiosity and intrigue that ensured a reply... Here was this cute and ballsy American girl who had a thing for big ears - in my experience that made her a rarity! but the messages continued to flow... she was obviously hopelessly enamored by the charm and good looks not to mention my obama'esqe ears but when I casually invited her over to join me in walking the Camino across Spain I thought the impending "thanks but no thanks" would be the slap of reality to ensure we remained no more than curious pen pals.. ...it took three weeks after the invite and then two weeks of good food, good company and in her case the additional pain and agony of getting sick and walking further than she had ever planned too in her life before we knew we were on to something... something that continued despite the time difference and oceans between us!


So here we both stand ready to say "I Do" and it's with excitement that I look forward to being not just her partner and husband but a better man because of her.


Three years in a long distance relationship hasn't been easy but as I look to the future there's no better woman to have in my corner when the times are tough or to enjoy when we find ourselves counting blessings... still think your mad for saying yes but I can't wait to start on this our biggest adventure :)

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